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Dr. David Katz on "Whole-Food Based" Supplementation

NBC's Today Show (4/16/2010)
The Truth About Vitamins: Dr. Katz distinguishes the unique category of "Whole-Food Based Supplements" [WFBS] as a common sense and different approach versus the "multi-vitamin". While he did not mention Juice PLUS+ by name, it is the WFBS that he personally recommends.

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Juice PLUS+: 3 Olympic Federations

Juice PLUS+ is now the exclusive "food support" technology to the following Olympic Federations: German Olympic Team, Austrian Olympic Team, Swiss Olympis Team.

Guess who's next...


Dr. David Katz on Juice PLUS+

Excerpt from article, "Do Multivitamins Cause Breast Canncer"
See Dr. David Katz’s full Preventative Medicine article at:

“…If we want optimal nutrients for healthy cells but don’t want to feed tumors, the source of nutrients may be crucial. The best source- the source strongly and consistently associated with lower risk of just about every disease- is wholesome foods. No supplement is a substitute for them.

But something called a 'whole food based' supplement may come close. Products such as
Juice Plus, currently under study in my lab, take all of the nutrients from plant foods and concentrate them into capsules for those who simply can't or won't eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables daily (that’s most Americans!). Unlike multivitamins which take nutrients out of context and repackage them, whole food supplements maintain the natural array and concentration of nutrients- thousands of them- found in the foods themselves. It may be that nutrients only work as they should in concert, like the various instruments in a symphony orchestra. There is both science and theory to support this notion, although no decisive evidence yet that whole food supplements promote health over the long-term while avoiding potential harms of standard multivitamins. But it seems plausible to me that this might be true, and further study is well justified.”


Cross Specialty Credibility

A few PhD, ND, MD media personality-author colleagues who embrace and recommend Juice PLUS+:
Dr. Andy and Ivy Larson:
Dr. William Sears:
Dr. Paul Stricker:
Dr. Matt Brown:
Dr. Mitra Ray:
Dr. David Katz:
Dr. Jim Sears:
Dr. Pam Popper:
Phd, RD Marylyn Joyce:


Prescription for Nutrition

Here why and how these health professionals use Juice PLUS+ both “In” and “Outside” their practice:

- Tim Grund, DC DACNB (Santa Rosa, CA)

- Lia Clifton: Wellness Coordinator for Dr. Grund

- Carol Christiansen MD-OBGYN (Boulder, CO)

- Ellen Lewis: Wellness Coordinator for Dr. Christiansen

- Lora Colander, PA-C (CO)

- Jennifer Rankin DDS (CO)

- Laura Bertram, DC (WI)