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Clinical study: Berlin's Charite Hospital

State researchers from Berlin’s Charité University Medical Centre, “Given the widespread utilisation of concentrated dietary products, the present study has potentially important public health relevance. To our knowledge, it is the first randomized investigation focusing on the benefits of juice powder concentrate in subjects particularly exposed to patient contact.” To read an overview of the study click here.

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Results: produce intervention produces

$200,000,000 donated (that's a lot)...
For a nutritional field study (kids participate for FREE).
Over one million participants and counting...
Largest study, of its kind, in the world. Study includes:
Food intervention + Ongoing education + Reporting.
3-year results are in on 100,000 kids + 100,000 adults.
Participants' results:
- 70% are eating more fruits and vegetables
- 67% reduction in OTC and prescription meds
- 79% are eating less fast food and soda
- 74% having fewer doctor visits
- 67% getting sick less
- etc.

Do you want more of this in your life or those you love? When poor dietary habits are increasing, and people are struggling, these results challenge the status-quo. Provocative leadership in the marketplace of progress. Parents, public and private health professionals should take heed. Peaple want what works. Walking the talk is integrity. Tried and proven results are the path to higher ground. Some food for thought...If this were a "Public Health" program, it would be a 'case study' of success. Follow success, it leaves clues.

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Food technology: foundational support

Fruit and vegetable concentrates are a food-first, daily hygenic approach to bridging one's daily produce consumption gap. It is a timeless, foundational need for almost everyone (more daily fruit and vegetable consumption). One global brand stands as the most third party clinically researched, third-party, peer-reviewed and published, nutritional product in the world (click here for published journal listings). Read of its public health success story with children around the world, click here (*kids receive food concentrates for FREE). Click on the image below to learn more about the global leader in the category.

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